Louis Zamperini was a boy with humble beginnings, who started life as a thief and a thug. He grew up to have a shot at Olympic stardom, which was torn away from him by WWII and replaced by a horrific survival story.

Any one of the major events: rise to becoming an Olympian, survival on a life raft without supplies in shark infested waters or surviving the Japanese POW camps would be an inspirational story in itself. Louis Zamperini did all of this.

Upon his release from the Japanese POW camp Louis struggles. He has horrific night mares, becomes an alcoholic, is on the brink of divorce and is consumed with a desire to return to Japan to find and murder the guard who made life in the camps so intolerable.

An amazing transformation takes place in his life as he is freed from his addictions, nightmares and the desire for revenge. A book well worth reading.

Reviewed by Anna Plett