Creator Spirit


"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." p. 2

"First, music teaches us that things take on their distinctive character through relationship... Second, we learn that we live in a cosmos in which relationship is possible.  Music teaches us that we live in the sort of world in which acoustic vibrations, cultural practcies (like singing songs), our phyyscial senses, and our mental processes cann be enlisted and drawn together in a single experience... Thirs, and closely related tot his, music teaches us that the differences and diversity of the world are not a problem to be overcome but an eessential component of beauty." p. 203

This is another fantastic book.  It is about the Holy Spirit, and about music, and about humanity.  Steven Guthrie has an extensive background and writes with passion and clarity as he helps guide us into a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit, but also the relationship between the Spirit and music, and our spirits and music.  Okay, it's a bit hard to explain, so you'll have to read the book. You can find it in our SEMC library in the "pastors pick" section, or ask one of our helpful librarians.  Enjoy!

Steven R. Guthrie (PhD, University of St. Andrews) teaches religitionn at Belmont University in Nashville, where he helped launnch a new program in religion and the arts.