I AM. A Promise.


It is no mistake our Creator God refers to Himself as “I AM.”  First to Moses, and then through the rest of the scriptures, Old and New Testament alike.  God is revealing, with these two words, He not only makes promises, He Himself is a promise,  He is a pledge.  A guarantee.  He is the alpha and omega. 

It is awesome and amazing to know the Creator of the universe, makes promises to human beings, which form the very foundation of His relationship with us.  The scriptures call these promises, covenants.  God’s two books, the Bible and Creation, are replete with signs and symbols of God’s promises.  Rainbows, cleansing water, doves, bread and cup, droplets of blood and the cross.

We will explore a few of these covenants, discovering who God is and the way He works. 
Our hope is this will help us recognize the One True God, and detect is active presence in our daily lives,
and then together, joining God making disciples.

“It is not the case that in Jesus Christ there has, as it were, been an unforeseen episode in our favour…
It is rather the case that He is wholly Himself and true to Himself in the fact that He is true to us.”
                                                                                     (Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics, II.1, p. 384.)

Date Sermon Speaker Scripture Supplement Study guide Audio
Oct 15, 2017 Ten: Part 5 Garth Koop Exodus 20

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Oct 8, 2017 What's He Building In There? Garry Koop 2 Samuel 7:5-17 View

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Sep 24, 2017 Judging the Book of the Covenant By Its Cover Garry Koop Exodus 24:1-8 View

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Sep 17, 2017 Cutting a Covenant. Garry Koop Genesis 15 View