Light The Way


C.S. Lewis, in his book, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, takes a young group of siblings on an adventure in the fantastic world of Narnia.  The story is an expansive allegory, wherein the invisible world becomes visible.  The realities of the conflict between good and evil, God and the devil, illumined through a variety of creatures, as these children step through a wardrobe.

A single lamppost, resembling an old London street lamp, holds a prominent presence in the land of Narnia.  It stands in the middle of a forest, lighting the intersection between the wardrobe and Narnia.  It shines day and night, continuously, without the use of natural fuel.

We too will step through the wardrobe, this Advent, encountering the challenges of hopelessness, insignificance, temptation, meaninglessness, passivity and fear, but finding hope, value, victory, purpose, commitment and love in God, at every turn.

We pray you will see the lights of Christmas and the world we live in, in an entirely new way, trusting our lives transform in the process, as we invite our Heavenly Father to Light the Way.

Date Sermon Speaker Scripture Supplement Study guide Audio
Dec 17, 2017 The Birth of Sin and Savior. Garry Koop James 1:13-15 View
Dec 10, 2017 For What It's Worth. Garry Koop Psalm 19:1-4 View

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Dec 3, 2017 Christmas Lights Garth Koop Isaiah 9:2

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