Sermon series

Note: These are individual sermons starting in the Summer of 2014, not connected to a specific sermon series.

Catching God in the Acts, is the main sermon series for the year 2017/18.  We will be working through a section of the book of Acts, starting with chapter sixteen.  Here we will continue looking for and discussing God’s character and actions, striving to discern His invitation to join Him.  We hope by catching God in the Acts, we will be awakened to his presence and activity in our lives.

It is no mistake our Creator God refers to Himself as “I AM.”  First to Moses, and then through the rest of the scriptures, Old and New Testament alike.  God is revealing, with these two words, He not only makes promises, He Himself is a promise,  He is a pledge.  A guarantee.  He is the alpha and omega. 

I (Garry) was in Toronto, standing at the corner of Younge & Dundas, listening to the 'corner preachers' from various religions. I mean, various! This might be what you think of, when you hear the word, 'prophet.' Some crazy guy, yelling, angrily, about some imminent doom.