Sermon series

We want to experience and live in God’s goodness.  Unfortunately those moments are fleeting.  We want our lives to be an expression of Christ Himself.  Unfortunately our lives are a dim reflection more often than not.

We get distracted by our emotions; by the business and busyness of life.  The minutes, hours, and days zoom by in a blur; shoving us into the tiny spaces in between where we have moments of ‘real living.’

Note: These are individual sermons from 2011 to 2014, not connected to a specific sermon series.

A friend of mine is a cop in Winnipeg.  One night he broke up a scuffle in a rough part of town.  Always wanting to help, he took the one kid aside and said, "hey, if you want to know who you are going to become, just take a look at the friends you are hanging out with."

See, the truth of it is, we are all becoming, the real question is, what? Conceptually speaking, if people follow the life and teachings of Jesus; if people "hang out" with Him and others like Him; they will become more like Jesus.

What do you believe?  How would you explain your beliefs to someone else?  What would awaken a desire for God in your life?  How do beliefs effect our lives?  What are the marks of our community of faith at SEMC?  Is it possible to believe and still have doubts? What does belief involve?  Is it purely a matter of intellect, knowledge, or wisdom?  How is belief expressed?

What do you believe?