Sunday School

We welcome everyone to join us on Sunday mornings from 9:30 -10:30am for a time of learning. We offer small group environments for ages 2-4 years, 5-7 years, 8-11 years, 12-14 years, and 15-17 years.


Adults are invited to join a Bible study class or a discussion class on a variety of topics, including Prayer, Parenting, and Spiritual Gifts. Parents with infants are encouraged to join a sharing time in the Nursery beside the Chapel. Young adults (18+) may join the Young Adults class with their peers or they may join one of the other adult sections.

Everyone needs to know that God loves them and we believe that studying God’s Word, the Bible, in a community setting, will lead us to a better understanding of God’s love for us and what it means to be a follower of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

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Adult Sunday School Classes: Fall, 2018


Is God in Control of My Life? 

Join a class where adults share their stories and ask honest questions in open and authentic discussion from the books of Joshua, Ruth and Esther.

Teachers:  Harold Thiessen, Randy Martens, Don Wiebe
Location:  Lower Level, Adult Classroom #1


What is Faith Really?  

Join the discussion as we explore what real faith looks like through a revealing and revitalizing study of Galatians and James. 

Teachers:  Megan Penner, Carl Loewen, Mike Thiessen
Location:  Lower Level, Adult Classroom #2


God’s World and God’s People

Join this study with an experienced Bible teacher, pastor and author that will take you deeper into the book of Genesis:  How it all began, where it went so badly wrong and how God reveals His plan of restoration and salvation.

Teacher:  Dr. Arden Thiessen
Location:  Chapel


Mirror Image will study Beautiful Feet, by Jessica Fick 

For women of all ages.  God has created women to go to amazing and ordinary places to share his love. He has called and equipped us to be his witnesses, Join this adventure of sharing Jesus with confidence and love.

Teacher:  Ang Drolet Location: 
Lower Level, Adult Classroom #4


Why is Jesus So Radical?

A class for Young Adults Ages 18-21 + Explore Jesus’ message in Matthew and Luke as you connect with God and one another.

Teacher:  Robert Goertzen
Location:  Lower Level, Adult Classroom #3


Moms N Tots  

Join moms of young ones (under age 2) as they spend time in the Word, praying together and encouraging one another.

Teacher:  Adrienne Buhler
Location:  Nursery