Worship Arts

"Worship is central to our existence because the God who created us as an act of pure joy intends us to know his love and to love him in response. The Bible tells us that before the creation of the world God chose us to be in relationship with him, and that our very existence is to be for 'the praise of his glory’ (Ephesians 1:6). [...] We live, breathe, move and love as expressions of God’s joy. We were made to know him, to connect with him, to follow him, to serve him and to enjoy the mind-blowing, heart-stirring fullness of this world he has created. In other words, we were created to worship. It’s deep in our spiritual DNA, in every encounter with God, is this sense of coming home - worship." - Tim Hughes & Al Gordon, "Worship Central Course"

There are many opportunities to engage in a dynamic relationship with your creator via the Worship Arts community at SEMC!

We aim to enjoy the rich diversity of a variety of art forms as we worship together. Get involved: music teams, sound techs, projection techs, video techs, painters, sculptors, decorators, thespians, carpenters and we are open to other art forms! We desire to mentor daily worshipers of Jesus who offer their worship in many different ways.

The Worship Arts Committee's responsibilities include finding groups and individuals to bring special services to local nursing homes and seniors’ complexes, arranging for external Choirs and Tour Teams, coordinating bigger events and more.

How will you express your worship and where can we plug you in? Email bpost@semconline.com to get started!



Worship Service Songs

We keep track of the songs used in our worship services.

Click here to access the worship service song database.