Membership voting

Proposal for: Voting by Proxy or Absentee Ballot

Members who cannot be present for the vote at a congregational meeting may submit an absentee ballot or name a proxy who may cast their vote on their behalf.
You can vote by absentee ballot or by proxy, but not both.

Absentee Ballot

  1. Any eligible voting member may cast a vote by absentee ballot for any motion/vote that is not subject to amendment at the meeting at which the vote is to be taken. 
  2. An absentee ballot can be printed using the link below, or obtained at the church office or Connect Center.
  3. Record your vote on the ballot. To preserve anonymity, do not put your name on the ballot. 
  4. Return the ballot in a sealed envelope. Sign and print your name on the outside of the envelope. (The signature is your authentication and the printed version allows us to read your name.) 
  5. Put the sealed envelope in the Absentee Ballot Box prior to the start of the meeting. 
  6. The Ballot Box will be available on Sunday mornings at the Connect Center, in the office during office hours, or in the atrium prior to the start of the meeting.

PRINT ABSENTEE BALLOT (available only when there are upcoming votes)

Proxy Voting

  1. A proxy form can be printed using the link below, or obtained at the church office or Connect Center. 
  2. Proxies may not be conditional or limited in scope. 
  3. No member may exercise more than one proxy. 
  4. A proxy may only be cancelled in person at the meeting (i.e. the granting member is able to attend after all), or in writing prior to the beginning of the meeting. 
  5. If any irregularities are found in a proxy designation (i.e. if two different members appear to hold proxies for the same granting member), then the Chair may require that the proxy not be exercised. 
  6. Return proxy form to the Church Office or to the Chair Person or Designate prior to the start of the meeting.