Humanitarian Orphange of Emanuel

The Humanitarian Orphanage of Emanuel in Kinshasa, Republic of Congo was established in 2000. At that time they had 17 children which filled the 3 bedroom house to capacity. Since then the numbers have swelled significantly. 

We need people to commit to monthly help for food and clothing.

Cheques can be written to SEMC marked OHE (Oeuvre Humantaire Emmanuel - Humanitarian Orphangage of Emmanuel). Donations over $20 are tax receiptable.

Every dollar donated goes to OHE.


A few of the boys in their bedroom.






Jacob Kabey - the director



  Jacob kabey and his wife on the left; Simplice Mbamvu (the od founder, in the middle back; the gentleman with the football jersey is a pastor from the Kamayala area.

 The front of the orphanage.