Renovation of the Heart


Where do I start?  There is teaching.  There is preaching.  This book has it all.

We have been talking quite a bit lately about the 'inner life.' Willard, explains his perspective on inner life, before delving into the heart of the matter, namely the renovation of the heart.

Willard explains how we order our lives when we are not following Jesus, and conversely what our lives are ordered when we are following Jesus.

He calls 'em as he sees 'em, to use a baseball analogy, but his honesty and directness are great. I hope you check this book out from our SEMC library, or buy a copy for yourself.  If you really, truly, want to transform your life, and become the person the Lord has intended you to be, you will need a renovation of the heart, and Dallas Willard is a great guide for helping you put on the character of Christ.