Feb 19, 2018 Letter to PM

February 19, 2018 - 11:00pm
Letter to PM

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Link: /sites/default/files/content/files/PM letter Re Canada Summer Jobs grant program.pdf


The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of Canada
Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

February 18, 2018

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We are very troubled by the change to the Canada Summer Jobs grant program. In order to be eligible for funding, employers will now have to attest that their organization’s core mandate affirms certain beliefs. As well, under the terms of the grant, it seems that churches or faith-based organizations may not be able to hire only students who share their faith.

Although the guidelines say that religious organizations can still apply, these organizations will not be eligible to receive the grant if they cannot agree with the statement in the application. This policy change will have a negative impact on many faith-based organizations and their ability to provide needed and helpful services in our community.  

Freedom of religion, belief, thought, opinion and expression are fundamental guarantees in the Charter. This new policy seems to violate these freedoms.

Please be an advocate for our community and for our fundamental freedoms. Please let me know what efforts you are making to change this policy.