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Is there anything we don't already know?  Is there any chance, any possibility there is something left to discover, or rediscover?  I sure think so.  Join us for this 3 set mini-series, as we hope to REDISCOVER God's glory (Palm Sunday), humility (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday). 

Thanks to special guest speaker David Funk, Pastor Garth and Garry too.  

A special shout out to Bruxy Cavey and Gregory Boyd for inspiring this mini-series.

All for the glory of the One Who deserves all the honour, our Lord, King, Savior, brother and friend.  Jesus.



Date Sermon Speaker Scripture Supplement Study guide Audio
Apr 1, 2018 Three-peat. Garry Koop John 5:24-29 View

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Mar 25, 2018 Cruciform Glory David Funk John:12:12-36

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