Sow The Story Goes


Good stories are compelling.
They have a way of drawing us in, tilling the soil of our souls, funding our imaginations and invoking an cocktail of emotions. 
We are riveted by suspense, jolted with surprise, delighted it laughter, or moved to tears. 

We often told stories after supper sitting at the table, when I was a kid growing up.  My own family continues to do this even now, as does my extended family.  Stories can be a form of entertainment, a way of drawing closer in relationship and a way of learning that feels more like eating chocolate than swallowing cod liver oil.  No wonder stories seem to spill out so naturally when we gather around a fire, at night.

Jesus was a master storyteller.  Jesus used the technique of storytelling (parables) as one of His primary ways of His spoken ministry.  Jesus’ parables are works of art, whether short riddles, proverbs, or lengthier allegories.  His parables are taken from everyday life at the time, in His context and setting, but have multiple layers of meaning, which remain just as fascinating and applicable today.

This summer, we gather around a virtual campfire, and listen to four of Jesus’ parables, open and willing to be changed by Him, as He extends His presence, and teaches us through His masterful art of storytelling, and sew the story goes.

Date Sermon Speaker Scripture Supplement Study guide Audio
Jun 30, 2019 What's New With You? Garry Koop Matthew 9:14-17

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