in Between


Life in between.
That’s sure what it feels like these days. Life is not what it was and it is not yet what it will be.  Some stores and businesses are open, others are closed. Children are ‘in school’, but not really. We can see friends and family, from a distance. Life in between. Like being on a bridge, maybe. #Liminal

Here are some of the questions we explore in this Life in Between sermon series:

  1. How can we remain connected, in fellowship (beyond Zoom and Facetime), amidst isolation and distancing?
  2. What can we do amidst the restrictions and protocols?
  3. Where do you get your confidence, especially when it is shaken?
  4. Who can be trusted (when so many people express their opinions)?
  5. Who are you listening too (especially with all the media and so many people posting and tweeting)?
  6. How can we differentiate truth from falsehood, or error?
  7. What is the perfect antidote for fear?
  8. What is God saying (what is the real and important news)?
  9. Why pray?

We will continue to have regular times for Q&R (question & response) during the service, after the sermon.
We will also have a Virtual Atrium Q&R directly after the service, where you can join the conversation online with the pastor and other people and ask your questions.