Pastor's picks

Renovation of the Heart


Where do I start?  There is teaching.  There is preaching.  This book has it all.

We have been talking quite a bit lately about the 'inner life.' Willard, explains his perspective on inner life, before delving into the heart of the matter, namely the renovation of the heart.

Willard explains how we order our lives when we are not following Jesus, and conversely what our lives are ordered when we are following Jesus.

He calls 'em as he sees 'em, to use a baseball analogy, but his honesty and directness are great. I hope you check this book out from our SEMC library, or buy a copy for yourself.  If you really, truly, want to transform your life, and become the person the Lord has intended you to be, you will need a renovation of the heart, and Dallas Willard is a great guide for helping you put on the character of Christ.



The Voice of Jesus


This book stands tall in the category of contemplative prayer.

My copy is chalk full of underlings, asterisks, and comments. It's just that good.

Smith, emphasizes the importance of the inner life, and brings together discernment, and the work of the Holy Spirit in beautiful, specific, and very helpful ways.  He also brings a wonderful approach to scripture, which is clearly the basis for his expostion.

The title alone, brings focus and clarity for followers of Jesus, as does the sub-title, Discernment, Prayer and the Witness of the Spirit.

If you were going to start with one book on the subject of contemplative prayer, I would highly recommend you start here.


Can You Hear Me?

Wow!  This book will be a 'game changer,' for many.

I have been a long-distance runner for over three decades, and I have spent a lot of time in conversation with the Lord, without every making any sound.  This has included a lot of time listening to the God who speaks, as Brad puts it, while I've been on the road.

I discovered, however, shortly after moving to Manitoba, and conversing with people, the practice, indeed the very idea, of listening to God, was new, if not foreign.

Brad dives into the subject whole-heartedly.  He is keen on the subject, and his passion shows through, as he converses with the reader, and introduces some of his ideas.  I do not agree with everything Brad writes here, and for me personally, he does go a bit too far at times.  BUT, he has a lot to offer in this very accessible book.

I was so pumped, I contacted Brad, and created an Adult Elective based on the book, here at SEMC.

I encourage you to read it, and talk about with other people. I am sure it will help you, tuning in to a God who speaks.


Hearing God




Develop a conversational realtionship with God.  This is the sub-title and aim of the book.

Dallas Willard is thoughtful, gentle, and interested in leading people to a deeper relationship with Jesus, through converation with God, who both listens, and speaks.

I highly recommend it.