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I'm not sure what to say? It just seems awkward.  My friend is at a different stage in life, right now.

Sound familiar? Ya, we know we are called to share our faith with other people, but exactly how can we do it? After all, people are at different stages, and besides, we are not really 'trained' for 'evangelism.'

Doug Pollock's book, is extremely helpful in guiding you to great connections with people, whether they are kind of hostile, curious, or seeking.

Doug provides really practical advice and excellent insight for conversation.

He also provides a number of excellent resources (websites, blog spots, books, surveys, etc.).

Listen, I think every follower of Jesus should check this out.  You'll be so pumped you did.

"Where spiritual conversations happen naturally."  This is the sub-title of book, and is a great goal too.

You can find this book in our SEMC library, or online at


Washed and waiting.

Honest. Personal. Helpful.

These are three of the many words which describe this excellent book.  The book is small in sizne and the number of pages, BUT, it deals with a significant subject, which makes this book huge!    

Wesley Hill, the author, is a gay Christian, who is honest and articulate as he describes the challenges of life, first discovering his sexual orientation, and then finding his way in life and church as a follower of Jesus.  I have friends who are gay, and I've worked with many people who are gay, and I found this book to be exceptionally insightful.

This book is for you, if...

- you are gay and want to hear from someone who can relate to you, and help you in navigating life.
- you have someone in your family, or you have a friend who is gay. This book will help you understand them better and even how to relate.  
- you are a member of SEMC (or any other church for that matter). This book will challenge and encourage you in relating to people who are gay.
- you are alive, breathing, and reading this post. You need to read this book to equip you for life as we know it.

You can get an ecopy HERE, or a hard copy HERE.

 Pastor Garry...

Stricken by God?

Big sky country!

That is the phrase I use to describe the prairies here where I live, after moving from Toronto some years ago.  There are no tall buildings, or 'sky scrapers,' to obstruct my view.  It's amazing.  The horizon is distant, expansive, wrapping around as far as you can swivel.

Sometimes I wonder if our view of God is obstructed by our preconceptions or presuppositions.

This book is an excellent opportunity for readers to explore some different views about what actually transpired on the cross of Christ; and between God and humankind (God's atonement).  

This book is a collection of essays from a varierty of true-hearted scholars.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, and share views and perspectives not often heard or considered.  The good thing about this book is that you can read as many or as few essays as you would like, because they are not interconnected one with the other.

Is it time for you to move out  of the 'city of structures' and into the open prairie, where you can see and explore the vastness and beauty of our God?  If you say, "yes," then this book is for you.  This is a particularly excellent time (the Passion week) and season to pick up this book in our church library and read about it.

.... Garry

Mapping the Origins Debate


Faith and science.  The church has often presented these two as opposites, or in conflict; erroneously projecting the notion we have to decide between the two.

“The debate over evolution and creation has raged for decades and shows no signs of letting up.  But what are the main viewpoints, and just why do they disagree?” (Gerald Rau)

Many may have a ‘basic knowledge’ of scripture; and perhaps some even have a ‘basic knowledge’ of science; but in reality we do not know the particulars of the main views of the origins of life.

When you go to a large unfamiliar mall it is helpful to begin at the pavilion with the map; identifying the different places in the mall; with a red dot saying, ‘you are here.’  This books helps the reader explore how six primary perspectives explain the origins of a) the universe, b) life, c) species, and d) humans.

We have used it as a primary text for a Adult Elective Sunday School class, and I highly recommend it to all of you.  You can check out a copy from SEMC's library, and I believe we even have a few extra copies for purchase at the church office.

Isn't it time you were equipped, for exactly this kind of thought and discussion?

... Garry