Pastor's picks

Thr3e (book by Ted Dekker)

The battle between good and evil is one that presents itself on a daily basis in many different forms all around the world. In Thr3e Ted Dekker brings it to you in a suspenseful, mysterious thrill ride that will leave you anticipating chapter after chapter. Nothing is what it seems. Get ready to expect the unexpected.

After reading Thr3e I have concluded that Ted Dekker is one of the most gripping storytellers alive today. This book is written specifically for youth and young adults as well as anyone else who is seeking a great action-packed fiction novel from a Christian perspective.

Review by Jason Heide, Pastor of Youth Ministries

Fire and Ice (book by Michael Adams)

We're just like the U.S. We're nothing like the US. Canada is a Christian nation. The US is a Christian nation. Canada is a secular nation.

Are our Canadian values converging with the U.S. or are they diverging? Before you answer this question, you'll want to check this out. Michael Adams really gets right to it in this book. It only makes sense from the author of Sex in the Snow - but that's for another day.

Adams is the president of Environics a research and communications company, and he provides some excellent statistics and information to back up some totally surprising results. A lot of what you'll read here flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Look, I could go on, but at a time such as this, you find this to be among the most timely reads ever.

Read it, if you dare, and let me your thoughts… Pastor G.

Redeeming the Time (book by Leland Ryken)

Leisure. Leisure? How do you spell that? Okay. So tell me again. What is leisure?

It seems within the church or Christian vernacular, the word leisure is taboo -- almost like a sin. Now, mix church and an agricultural setting together -- and the word leisure probably pops up in the list of sins. But is that really the case? Wait a minute -- are you telling me there is a Biblical perspective of leisure?

Most of us need a serious push into the zone of leisure. Here's just one of many insightful challenges from Leland…

"Human nature craves more than work and more than utilitarianism. Indulging this capacity is not selfish. In fact, it can be unselfishness, letting go of one's urge to acquire and be successful, relinquishing one's status that in our society is too closely bound up in one's work."

Get some insight on the subject… and maybe some balance in your life… I know, you don't have time. I know it looks like a big book… that's kinda the point… so speed read it… take a chance. Then, pass it on… and let me know your thoughts. Blessings… Pastor G.

Choosing to Cheat (book by Andy Stanley)

Guys, it's time to start cheating. Andy is 'straight up', and guys he gets us pretty good. This book is definitely for every married man and especially for those of you who are currently in the workforce. Any job at all. Listen, guys, before you say 'forget it' or, 'look I'm not really a reader', you'll be happy to know this book is short (and small too) and it gets right to the heart of things.

Andy asks some awesome questions, like, are you giving your company & career what belongs to your family? He uses some vivid illustrations, like asking your wife to hold a boulder while you are out working over time. He is also realistic – providing some excellent solutions without, in his words, just telling a smoker to stop smoking. Like anyone who has smoked knows is a pretty crazy statement to make. Right?

Anyway, you totally have to check this out. I could keep on rambling here – I wrote 2-½ pages of notes from reading the book myself – the book itself is barely that long – but I won't keep rambling. Just go to SEMC library check out the book and then tell the guy beside you to read it when you're done.