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The Gospel of John (movie)

This movie gets 3 thumbs up!

I know what you're thinking. Here's another Bible story movie in low definition and poor quality. Or maybe you're just getting Charleton Heston flashbacks and reluctant to 'go there'. Actually that movie wasn't too bad for its time.

Anyway, there are several reasons why I like this movie. First of all, the production level is very high -- think Passion of the Christ -- only this movie came out first. Garth Drabinsky is one of the main producers of the film. He was one of the original founders of Cineplex Movie Cinemas and went on to produce a number of musical productions in Canada and on Broadway. Good stuff. Interesting side note: Drabinsky is Jewish... Produced the Gospel of John... hmmm... Good stuff. Okay, I digress, back to the review.

Another reason I really like the movie is that it is 100% committed to the Biblical text. In fact, it is a word for word script. That's right. Every single word spoken on screen is from the gospel text. Not one word added or deleted. Listen, for that alone you have to see this movie.

The actor playing Jesus is phenomenal in the most difficult role imaginable. If the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke) are accounts of Jesus life, the gospel of John is a portrait of Jesus, to paraphrase one Biblical scholar.

You can check it out of our SEMC library. There is a 2 hour and a 3 hour version in the same DVD set, so you can even play the version which matches your attention span.

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Pastor G.