Sermon-based studies for small groups

Study Format

  1. Let's Review...

    Review the Sermon Supplement and consider one or two key truths that impacted you. Was there anything that surprised or confused you? What did God teach you through the Sermon message?

  2. Digging Deeper..."Bible Exploration"

    Read the Scripture passage(s) and consider the following six investigative questions...

    Who are the main characters and how are they described? What is happening? Where do the events occur? When do the events occur? Why do the events occur? How do the events occur?

    Answer/discuss the Small Group Study questions on the reverse side of the Sermon Supplement...

  3. Application..."In My Life"

    At this point, transition from the theoretical to the practical. What does this study prompt me to do in my life? As I take time to reflect on God's teaching and how to apply it, what is God's Spirit challenging me to do? What changes must I make? What steps will I take to be held accountable for the changes I desire to implement in my life?

    Application Activities:

    • Internalizing God's Word (Connect with God) - Ask group participants to choose a word, a phrase or a verse from the passage(s) that is meaningful to them and share it with the group. It is helpful to make a habit of repeating this phrase or verse throughout the week.
    • Journaling (Connect with Self) - Identify current circumstances that are difficult. Make a list of the ways that you can choose to grow through them.
    • Sharing the Joy (Connect with Others) - What life lessons have I learned that I can share with the group.