Sermon series

Good stories are compelling.
They have a way of drawing us in, tilling the soil of our souls, funding our imaginations and invoking an cocktail of emotions. 
We are riveted by suspense, jolted with surprise, delighted it laughter, or moved to tears. 

Note: These are individual sermons starting in the Summer of 2014, not connected to a specific sermon series.

A new mini-series with pastors Jason, Garth, Earl and Garry, starts Sunday, April 28th.

Measure up?  Self-worth?
How can we be confident without being arrogant?

Pray? What’s the difference?
Exploring the power of prayer.

Just get over it!
Clearing up Biblical misconceptions about emotional health.

We yearn to make sense of life generally, and our own life, particularly. 
     We desire purpose, a sense of significance, or calling. 
          We crave intimacy, a sense of belonging. 
               We are created, both with these burning hearts, and the possibility for this hunger and thirst to be quenched.