Sermon series

“… at that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord” (Genesis 4:26).

Genesis 4:26 marks the beginning of congregational worship, and the first major distinguishable feature of the followers of the Lord was prayer.    Before Bibles, temples or tabernacles.  Before Abraham, Moses, Israel or the law; there was prayer.

Kimberley showed me a phrase recently about Christmas, which reads, "it's not your birthday." (Emphasis added.)  This kind of sums up what Christmas has become. Unfortunately we are so self-centered; so self-involved we have even managed to turn the birth of Jesus into an event about us (and about purchasing stuff... but don't get me started because that is a whole other rabbit trail).  But it's actually worse than that.  We also read the Bible as though we are the focal point, so the Bible for many has become a guide for better living.

This sermon series is life-altering.  

The purpose of theology (the knowledge of God) is to draw us closer to Him and to change the way we live.  So often church-going people discuss theology but seem to completely side step applying it to the way they live. Both what Jesus taught and how He lived are interconnected and both are equally important.  

Global Connections 2012: One Mission - Many Fields

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sam Owusu
Theme: Embracing the Nations