Sermon series

Kings and queens.  Nobles and nobodies.  Courts and castles.  Feasts and fortitude.  Humor and heroes.  Violence and vitriol. 

Our new mini-series, in response to your
questions, starting next Sunday.


It's not me... it's you.  

Because those people, they have a problem.

Online, internet, news flash, flash back, old school, home school, gettin' schooled. 

Is there anything we don't already know?  Is there any chance, any possibility there is something left to discover, or rediscover?  I sure think so.  Join us for this 3 set mini-series, as we hope to REDISCOVER God's glory (Palm Sunday), humility (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter Sunday). 

Thanks to special guest speaker David Funk, Pastor Garth and Garry too.  

Catching God in the Acts, is the main sermon series for the year 2017/18.  We will be working through a section of the book of Acts, starting with chapter sixteen.  Here we will continue looking for and discussing God’s character and actions, striving to discern His invitation to join Him.  We hope by catching God in the Acts, we will be awakened to his presence and activity in our lives.