Sermon series

We yearn to make sense of life generally, and our own life, particularly. 
     We desire purpose, a sense of significance, or calling. 
          We crave intimacy, a sense of belonging. 
               We are created, both with these burning hearts, and the possibility for this hunger and thirst to be quenched.

A theology and practice of lament contributes to shaping our relationship with people, particularly from other life experiences, ethnicities and cultures. 

Lament confronts our tendency toward a posture of privilege, handing out or up, to the marginalized, or people we perceive as lesser.[1] 

It’s the gospel truth.” Have you ever heard that phrase before? What does gospel mean? Used this way, in the sentence, it must be something like, ‘absolutely,’ or ‘purely,’ but it also carries a divine connotation. 

Kingdom, Culture and Communityis the first sermon series of 2018-19, here at SEMC.