Sermon series

Mind, body, emotions, and soul, are all connected and integrated together, as a person.  But, so many of our struggles seem to begin in our mind.  

This two part mini-series explores the challenges of temptation and worry.  There are deadly ramifications to both, but also excellent responses to not only combat, but overcome.  Being aware there is a very real battle for your mind, is already half the solution.  

The Bible makes some very bold statements about Jesus.  Jesus, makes some very bold statements about Himself.  So, as some of the popular phrases ask it, was Jesus a liar, legend, lunatic, or Lord?  Was Jesus, mad, bad, or God?

We have set ourselves a goal, here at SEMC, to go deeper.  To have deeper and more meaningful relationships with people, and most importantly, to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

What did you get? This, a common and frequent question, as people return to work and school after Christmas. 

If I say, “Jonah,” you say…

It’s a quick and easy association, whether you have heard the story a thousand times in Sunday School, or you just know it, because of its popularity and enculturation.