Sermon series

  • Is there a God?
    • Is God near?
      • Can we know God?  
        • Hasn't science disproved God?  
          • How can we be sure?  

There is no shortage of questions.  We will explore these and many others, in our Summer Sermon Series. Reaching out. Finding Christ.

Prayer, so vital, yet so horribly neglected.
Money and possessions. We have so much, but it is like burning embers.  It can burn you if not properly handled.
Life together as a congregation is great, but complicated.

These are just some of the subjects in 1 Timothy, we will unpack during this sermon series.

Mind, body, emotions, and soul, are all connected and integrated together, as a person.  But, so many of our struggles seem to begin in our mind.  

This two part mini-series explores the challenges of temptation and worry.  There are deadly ramifications to both, but also excellent responses to not only combat, but overcome.  Being aware there is a very real battle for your mind, is already half the solution.  

The Bible makes some very bold statements about Jesus.  Jesus, makes some very bold statements about Himself.  So, as some of the popular phrases ask it, was Jesus a liar, legend, lunatic, or Lord?  Was Jesus, mad, bad, or God?

We have set ourselves a goal, here at SEMC, to go deeper.  To have deeper and more meaningful relationships with people, and most importantly, to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.