Sermon series

What do you believe? Why do you believe it? Are you able to explain it to someone else?  

My hope is all of us; kids, teens, young, and old alike will be in a position to respond affirmatively to these questions.

Followers of Jesus are a peculiar people; living according to a very unique kingdom culture. This means taking a very different approach to Christmas than the popular consumerist one prevalent and pressing in all around us. We are turning Christmas on it's head at SEMC this 2014 advent season. Sermons by the pastors will be challenging and diverse and the decorations in church will shock you! Well, at least I can pretty much guarantee it will be unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Global Connections 2014

Theme: Calling the serve the Greatest
Speaker: Kamyl Cadinouche - former SIM missionary to Mauritius

We want to experience and live in God’s goodness.  Unfortunately those moments are fleeting.  We want our lives to be an expression of Christ Himself.  Unfortunately our lives are a dim reflection more often than not.

We get distracted by our emotions; by the business and busyness of life.  The minutes, hours, and days zoom by in a blur; shoving us into the tiny spaces in between where we have moments of ‘real living.’