Sermon series

What did you get? This, a common and frequent question, as people return to work and school after Christmas. 

If I say, “Jonah,” you say…

It’s a quick and easy association, whether you have heard the story a thousand times in Sunday School, or you just know it, because of its popularity and enculturation.

This sermon 'series,' consists of one sermon, from Ezekiel, which sets up our theme for the year, which is highlighted on our home page.  

More and more. That's the phrase repeated often by Paul, here in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 and 5.

More and more.  This phrase has many implications.  It means something is already good.  It means more is better, and even more is better yet.

Paul is encouraging his friends, and fellow believers in Thessalonica to go from good to great, long before Jim Collins made the book title famous.