Garry Koop - November 15, 2020

God feels this way.

Emotional Rescue

Scripture References: Exodus 34:6-7

From Series: "Emotional Rescue"

We live in times of heightened emotion. We feel the pressure of the pandemic. The evidence can be seen and heard online and in person. Dr. Charles Stone in his book, Holy Noticing, provides a helpful equation for understanding 'emotion'. Emotion = thoughts + feelings + behavioral impulse + bodily sensation.Now as much as any other time we need to know and experience the full extent of salvation in the practical realities of the present.Our Heavenly Father and Creator has emotions, as revealed in Christ Jesus the Son and communicated through the Holy Spirit. In this series we explore the emotional aspects of God's character. God intends to inform and form us into Christ's likeness. Knowing more about the Lord and His emotions will help us in being human and being church.

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