Sunday School

Study God’s Word

God LOVES you!  One of our values at SEMC is to see people grow in their relationship with God and with one another.  We meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 AM (Sept. – May).  We have a variety of classes for all ages, from moms with babies all the way to adults.

Preschool – ages 2-4

Children ages 2-4 meet in the lower level in our Preschool department.  They sing songs, listen to Bible stories, and do crafts and activities that build their faith and love of Jesus

Elementary – K-grade 5

Children in K-grade 5 meet in the lower level.  They meet as a large group for singing and a Bible story and then move into smaller classes for activities, further discussion and Bible study.

Youth – grade 6-12

Youth meet in different age-specific groups for Bible study, discussion and to grow in relationship with one another. 


We have a vibrant and active adult Sunday school ministry at SEMC.  We value the relationships we can develop as we study God’s Word together.  
We have a variety of classes for adults of all ages – from young adults to seniors.  We also have a women’s class and a class for moms and babies.

Adult Sunday School Hour Electives for 2023-2024

CHAPEL CLASS – mixed adults with Arden Thiessen. Continuing studies in the Book of Acts exploring the spread of the early Christian Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.

BASEMENT CLASS – mixed adults with Harold, Steve and Wendell leading us through the book of Exodus. Join us as we explore the history of the origin and early years of Israel as God’s chosen people. “Guiding spiritual and moral principles characteristic of the Christian faith for centuries have their foundation in Exodus.”

 FOUNDATIONS class will wrap up with the final series of Core Truths to Build Your Life On: looking at Good and Evil, the Afterlife, and the Second Coming. Garth Koop will lead the class.

 NEW: YOUNG ADULTS – ages 18-35. Bridger & Keagen Dyck along with Jordan Szeponski will lead us in meaningful connection, looking at Bible Characters from The Prophets, through to the Early Church.

 MIRROR IMAGE – all ladies class, including moms & tots, will continue to meet for prayer and encouragement focusing on the book of Hebrews from She Reads Truth. Arlene and Heather will be leading.

 NEW: YOUTH – grades 9-12 We are trying something new! Join us for a variety of topics and teachers to better understand the Bible and our World. (in no particular order)

Topics include:

  • Bible Characters from the Patriarchs to the Kings,
  • How to Read/Not Read the Bible,
  • World Religions,
  • Spiritual/mental health for Teens

Teachers include: Denver Klassen, Priscilla Hagen, Andrea Dyck, Carl Loewen and others.

Coming in January: Parenting Class – Alpha Children: Leading our children into right relationship.